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Media Note: Imagery of Tall Ship events in Sydney is available at www.navy.gov.au/ifr

Congratulations on the 2013 International Tall Ship Festival

After six ports, many voyages, and an international regatta, the 2013 International Tall Ship Festival draws to a close. Thank you to the international team of volunteers, the Tall Ship Captains, Crews and Operators, the hundreds of voyage crew, the millions of spectators and the many, many individuals who made the event such a success!!

Bark Europa

Farewell to the Tall Ship Festival Fleet

Congratulations to the captains and crews awarded prizes at this weekend's celebrations in Auckland. Thousands visited the Tall Ships and many more visited the wharves to be part of the celebration. Fair winds and following seas as you begin the journey home!

Maori welcome

Tall Ship Crews celebrate in New Zealand!

Thousands of sailing enthusiasts lined the Auckland Waterfront to welcome the Tall Ship Crews to Auckland after the inaugural Sydney Auckland Tall Ships Regatta. After a traditional Maori welcome in Opua, the Auckland Tall Ship Festival begins today!

Bark Europa

Europa Wins Historic Sydney to Auckland Regatta

"Race control, race control, race control - this is Europa... At 08:30, Thursday 17 October, Europa crossed the finish line at Nukutaunga Lighthouse in position 34 55.3S 174 00.3E. No other ships ahead and Tecla approx. 31 miles behind. See you in Opua!"


Europa Passes North Cape as Tecla Closes

Europa has passed both way points and is 50 nautical miles from the finish line, but Tecla is less than 20 nautical miles behind and closing in with the light and variable conditions. Lord Nelson and Picton Castle have retired fro the race but will join the fleet in Auckland...


The Dutch and New Zealand Ships race for the Finish

While Europa maintains a lead of 38 miles, Tecla and Spirit of New Zealand are in sight of each other as they race for the finish. Further behind, Young Endeavour and Oosterschelde duel for placings, with the Australian ship currently ahead...


Europa Consolidates her Lead in the Tall Ship Regatta

Europa has come through the stormy conditions to be nearly thirty nautical miles ahead of her nearest rival Spirit of New Zealand. The Dutch ship remains first on corrected time, however Tecla is currently making the fastest speeds in the fleet and is closing in...


Tough Conditions in the Tasman Sea

The weather front currently passing over the fleet is producing challenging conditions, with steady winds at 45-50 knots and gusting 60 knots. What an introduction to Tall Ship Racing in the Southern Hemisphere...!


Lead Change in the Sydney Auckland Tall Ships Race

After leading the fleet for most of the way since leaving Sydney on Thursday, Tecla has slipped to second place on corrected time (handicap). Bark Europa has taken the lead, and is also out in front on the water with 695 miles to go to the finish line...

Tight Racing in the Tasman Sea

With 837 miles to the finish line Tecla remains the lead vessel on both corrected time and on the water, but the fleet are closing in as the wind increases from the north. Spirit of New Zealand was just 7 miles behind overnight and has been travelling at a knot faster (one nautical mile per hour) so she could take the lead on the water later today...

‘Southerly Buster’ Creates Exciting Racing Overnight

After perfect weather for the race start off Sydney Heads yesterday afternoon the crews experienced large seas and gusts of over 40kts as the ‘Southerly Buster’ slammed in at midnight. This southern hemisphere phenomenon is caused as a cold front approaches from the south, marking an extreme boundary between hot and cool air masses...

And they're off!!! Seven Tall Ships have set sail for a Race to Auckland

Bark Europa, Lord Nelson, Oosterschelde, Picton Castle, Spirit of New Zealand, Tecla and Young Endeavour have started the Sydney Auckland Tall Ship Regatta, passing through the start gate at Sydney Heads at 2:00pm today. Follow the fleet as they race to Auckland!


Sail a Tall Ship on Sydney Harbour!

Last chance to see the Tall Ship Fleet in Sydney! Contact the Australian National Maritime Museum to find out which ships will be open during the week, or check out opportunities to set sail for a lunch or evening sail on Sydney Harbour...


Tall Ship Open Days - A Great Day out in Sydney!

Tens of thousands of visitors turned out over the weekend to visit the Tall Ship Fleet in Darling Harbour. Great music, wonderful people and a fantastic opportunity to share the world of tall ship sailing with the City of Sydney. Thanks to everyone who made it happen!


Thousands visit the Tall Ships in Sydney Harbour

Thousands turned out during a spectacular Sydney day to step aboard the Tall Ships at the Australian National Maritime Museum. Tickets are sold out, and our fantastic team of volunteers look forward to welcoming ticket holders aboard tomorrow!

Picton Castle

Sail with the Tall Ship Fleet - Final Berths Available Now!!

Final berths for the Sydney Auckland Tall Ship Regatta are now available. Join the crew of Picton Castle, Europa, Oosterschelde, Tecla or Lord Nelson and race with the fleet across the Tasman Sea to New Zealand. Test your mettle on the open sea!


View the latest Image Gallery

Get up close with the fleet and the Tall Ships crews, and view the latest images of the Sydney Tall Ship Festival. The photos in these galleries were taken by some of the lead photographers working with the Tall Ships Team. ..

Young Endevour Youth Crew aloft the mast

Tall Ship Fleet Arrives at Sydney!

Sixteen Tall Ships sailed through Sydney Heads, arriving in Sydney for the International Fleet Review and Tall Ship Festival. Visit the Tall Ships at the Australian National Maritime Museum, Darling Harbour on Sunday 6 and Monday 7 October 2013...

Track the Tall Ship Fleet as they sail to Sydney

Track the fleet on our interactive map, or use the links to find a selection of Tall Ships as they make their way to along the east coast to Sydney and then onto Auckland.
Share your stories and photos if you happen to catch them sailing by!

Picton Castle at Sea

Sail Training International Confirms Regatta Entrants

The 2013 Sydney Auckland Tall Ships Regatta is the first ever Sail Training International event to be held in Australasian waters. See the Official Regatta Start at 2:00pm on Thursday 10 October 2013, when the seven participating Tall Ships will sail through Sydney Heads and start their voyage to Auckland, New Zealand....

Tall Ship Fleet sets sail for Sydney!

Eight Tall Ships have set sail from Hobart to join the International Fleet Review in Sydney. Young Endeavour led the vessels along the Derwent River and will soon cross Bass Strait and sail up the east coast. Another nine Tall Ships will join the Fleet before they sail into Sydney Harbour at 11:00am on Thursday 3 October. Where will you be to see the Fleet?

HRH Prince Harry

Prince Harry to visit Sydney for the International Fleet Review

The Prime Minister has announced that Prince Harry will visit Sydney to attend the International Fleet Review, marking the centenary of the first entry of the Royal Australian Navy’s Fleet into Sydney Harbour. This will be Prince Harry's first official visit to Australia, and our Tall Ship Fleet will join the warships on Sydney Harbour to welcome him!

Bark Europa at Sea

Sydney Open Day Tickets Now on Sale - Visit the Tall Ship Fleet in Darling Harbour

Tickets are now on sale to visit the Tall Ships in Sydney! The Australian National Maritime Museum will host eight ships, and another nine will be berthed in Cockle Bay, Circular Quay and the nearby foreshore. Some are offering harbour sails throughout the week, and more than ten will be open to the public on 6 and 7 October 2013. Book now at Ticketek.

Spirit of New Zealand

Spirit of New Zealand Sets Sail for Sydney

Spirit of New Zealand is sailing west! The crew have cleared customs, dropped the lines, and now on their way to join the International Fleet Review and Tall Ship Festival - destination Sydney, Australia. Haere mai Spirit of New Zealand!

Young Endeavour Youth Crew

Tall Ships Arrive at Hobart

Amelia Kavanagh, 27, and Laura Aleksa, 30, aboard STS Young Endeavour, are amongst hundreds of crew who sailed into Hobart today aboard the Tall Ship Fleet. Visit the five day festival Tall Ships Hobart 2013 and get a passport to step aboard this historic fleet!


International Fleet Review Tall Ship Merchandise now Available

Official International Fleet Review Tall Ship Merchandise is now available through our merchandise partner BrandNet. Order online or find them in Darling Harbour and Barangaroo during the Sydney International Tall Ship Festival...

Pirates aboard the Tall Ship Fleet

Tall Ships Celebrate International Talk Like A Pirate Day

Dozens o' crew are talkin' like pirates today as they sail t' coast. 'tis rare fer Tall Ships from t' northern hemisphere t' visit the Antipodes, 'n most 'o them be amidst seven seas voyages. Port Jackson be t' biggest celebration, 'n t' crew be excited 'bout arrivin' in Blighty. Brin' t' family 'n be part o' history as t' largest Tall Ship Fleet in a generation visits Sydney!

HMB Endeavour

HMB Endeavour announces new voyage: Sail from Sydney with the Tall Ship Fleet!!

HMB Endeavour will farewell the visiting Tall Ship Fleet as they begin the Sydney Auckland Regatta on 10 October 2013. The captain will then set sail to explore more of the New South Wales coast as Cook did over 250 years ago. Applications to sail are now open!

Tall Ships on Port Phillip Bay

Australia joins the Tall Ship Fleet: Set sail for Hobart!

Three Australian vessels have joined the International Tall Ship Festival Fleet, which set sail from Melbourne over the weekend and entered Bass Strait earlier today. Check out Tall Ships Hobart 2013 for open days, sailing days and where to see Tall Ships in Tassie!
Tall Ships on Port Phillip Bay

Admiral's Sailing Day at the Melbourne International Tall Ship Festival

Hundreds of visitors joined the Tall Ship fleet for a spectacular sailing day on Port Phillip Bay during the Melbourne International Tall Ship Festival. Check out opportunities to sail with the Fleet when the Tall Ships arrive in Sydney in October...
STS Young Endeavour

Young Endeavour announces Sydney Auckland Tall Ship Regatta Crew

Congratulations to the 24 young Australians selected to crew STS Young Endeavour during the Sydney Auckland Tall Ships Regatta. Young Endeavour is the only Australian entrant in the inaugural event, which is being hosted by Sail Training International...

Lord Nelson on Port Phillip Bay

Lord Nelson takes centre stage at the Melbourne International Tall Ships Festival 2013

Lord Nelson, the United Kingdom tall ship crewed by disabled and able-bodied sailors, has arrived at Williamstown to take part in the Melbourne International Tall Ships Festival. More than 15 Victorians are among the 50-strong crew...

Bark Europa

Sail Bass Strait aboard a Traditional Tall Ship

The best way to see Tall Ships Hobart 2013 is from the deck of a Tall Ship! Book a berth with the most experienced captain on Bass Strait or test your mettle aboard a traditional European sailing ship and arrive at Sullivan's cove in style for the five day festival...

Melissa Wu dives off Soren Larson

Countdown to the Sydney International Tall Ship Festival

Melissa Wu dove from the bowsprit of Tall Ship Soren Larson on Sydney Harbour to launch the Sydney International Tall Ship Festival. Join a voyage, book a day or evening sail on the harbour or visit the ships in Darling Harbour for a spectacular day out! Watch the video.

James Craig

James Craig Announces new Voyage: Sydney to Sydney, 24 September - 3 October

The beautifully restored 1874 barque James Craig, by far our oldest vessel, will join the Tall Ship fleet sailing into Sydney Harbour on 3 October. 45 adventurous souls have the opportunity to join an eight day voyage along the New South Wales coast. Apply now!

First preview of Navy’s Sydney Harbour Spectacular

First preview of Navy’s Sydney Harbour Spectacular

The Royal Australian Navy and Imagination Pty Ltd have released the first teaser of the pyrotechnics and light show that will be a highlight of International Fleet Review this October, commemorating the arrival of the first RAN Fleet in 1913. Check out the video...

Young Endeavour Youth Crew

Tall Ships Set Sail for Adelaide!

Tecla, Europa, Oosterschelde and Lord Nelson have set sail for Adelaide.Their two week voyage will see them sail along the south west coast of Australia, around Cape Leeuwin and across the Great Australian Bight in time for the Adelaide Festival of Maritime Trade...

Young Endeavour Youth Crew

Host Country Bursary Scheme - Australia

AUSTA is proud to offer ten $700 Bursaries to deserving Australian youth in order to assist them in funding their voyage of a lifetime in one of the many Australian or international tall ships taking part in the International Tall Ship Festival 2013...

Picton Castle under sail

Picton Castle to the Rescue!

It isn’t every day that a cruising yacht with engine trouble and damaged rigging is assisted by a 170-foot square rigger that looks like something from another era, but that’s just what happened when the 42’ sailing yacht Gobo issued a distress call in the early hours...

Jubilee Sailing Trust

Youth Bursaries available to sail Lord Nelson from Fremantle to Adelaide

The Jubilee Sailing Trust has received bursary funding for five young people aged 16-25 to sail from Fremantle to Adelaide fully funded, departing 17 August 2013. Sail the stunning south west coast, visit seaside towns and soak up local seafaring heritage. Email now!

Fremantle Open Ship

Visit the three Dutch Tall Ships in Fremantle!

Tecla, Oosterschelde and Europa will be open to the public in Fremantle this weekend. Friday 2 August from 10:00am - 3:00pm and Saturday 3 August from 9:00am - 2:00pm. The ships are berthed at C and D shed at Victoria Quay. Gold coin donations appreciated!

Tecla Discount

AUSTA Welcomes European Tall Ships to Australia

Four traditionally rigged European Tall Ships have arrived in Australia for a three month visit which will culminate in the Royal Australian Navy International Fleet Review and Sydney Auckland Tall Ship Regatta – the first event of its kind in Australasia.

Tecla Discount

Last Minute Discount Voyage Fees

Sail Tecla to the Abrolhos Islands and beyond. See one of the most spectacular coral reefs in the Indian Ocean, and site of the most monstrous mutiny in recorded maritime history. 25% discount to selected voyage fees. Contact Tecla today!

Dutch Tall Ships

Dutch Tall Ships Arrive at Fremantle

There are now more tall ships in Fremantle than have been for many years - and four of them are Dutch! The arrival of Dutch ships Oosterschelde, Tecla and Europa and the British vessel Lord Nelson has begun the Fremantle Tall Ships Festival at Victoria Quay...

Captain Barbara Campbell aboard Lord Nelson

Accessible Tall Ship Lord Nelson arrives in Australia

The Tall Ship STS Lord Nelson has completed an Indian Ocean crossing crewed by disabled and able bodied sailors, and arrived in Fremantle for her inaugural visit to Australia. Hear from Captain Barbara Campbell and local crew member Chris Hudson...

Hobart Festival Volunteers

Tall Ship Festival Teams Seeking Volunteers

If you would like to volunteer at the Tall Ship Festivals, we’d love to hear from you! There are dozens of interesting jobs and we’ll try to fit your skills and interests to one you'll enjoy. Find more information or register interest for Sydney, Hobart or Melbourne.

Tall Ships at Elizabeth Pier, Hobart

Australian Wooden Boat Festival Team to Host Tall Ships Hobart: 20-25 September 13

A celebration of maritime history and tradition, the five-day Tall Ships program will include ship tours, special sailings, exhibitions and activities, entertainment, a Grand Parade, fine Tasmanian food and wines, a special schools program and much more...

Duyfken at Sea

Duyfken to join the Official Welcome Flotilla in Fremantle

Excitement is building within the local tall ship community, with our Dutch visitors Tecla, Oosterschelde and Bark Europa due to arrive in Fremantle in late July. Australia's own Dutch tall ship Duyfken will join official welcoming flotilla for a day sail from Fremantle...

Jannette, co-owner of Tecla

Indian Ocean Passage: Next Stop Australia

Jannette, co-owner of Tecla, says: "It's strange to think we are actually crossing the Indian Ocean, on our way to Australia! Crossing thousands of miles to discover a new continent! Book now to join Jannette, Jan and their close-knit crew for voyages in Australia...

Windeward Bound

Sail the Bass Strait aboard Windeward Bound

Windeward Bound will cross Bass Strait four times for the Melbourne, Hobart and Sydney Tall Ship Festivals. Sail in company with up to ten other tall ships for an unforgettable experience, and extend your stay for bed and breakfast in port in the middle of the action.

Sail the Dutch Tall Ship Tecla

Dutch Tall Ships Tecla, Bark Europa and Oosterschelde set sail for Australia

The three Dutch Tall Ships Tecla, Oosterschelde and Europa today set sail from Mauritius for a six week passage across the Indian Ocean to Australia. Book now to sail in Australia!

Diver at the Wreck of the Batavia - courtesy of Western Australia Museum

Voyage to the wreck of the Batavia

Sail a Dutch Tall Ship to the Albrolhos Islands - one of the most spectacular coral reefs in the Indian Ocean, and the last resting place of the Batavia - the second oldest known wreck in Australia and site of one of the most monstrous mutinies in maritime history...

Sail the Dutch Tall Ship Tecla

Sail the family run sailing vessel Tecla

Take a family holiday with a difference aboard the Dutch Tall Ship Tecla! The family run vessel can accommodate groups of up to 16 people, as well as individual bookings...

Dutch Ships Arrive at Mauritius

Dutch Ships Arrive at Mauritius

The Minister for Arts and Culture hosted the Official Welcome for Oosterschelde, Tecla and Bark Europa in Mauritius on Saturday 15 June 2013. Soon the ships set sail for Australia!

Island of Reunion

Sail a Dutch Tall Ship from Mauritius to the beautiful island of Réunion

New five day voyage announced!
Take a week from work and visit a tiny piece of France off the coast of Madagascar. Eat croissants, sail the Indian ocean and enjoy the tropics aboard a square-rigged tall ship!

Karen Leverington

Media Release: Accessible Tall Ship Lord Nelson Sets Sail for Australia

Sydney local Karen Leverington on her recent voyage sailing Lord Nelson from South Africa to India - her eleventh voyage with the Jubilee Sailing Trust...

Tecla Trophies

Tecla Takes Home the Trophies

Did you know that Tecla regularly competes in Tall Ship Races? She sails for prizes and almost always takes home a few! Book now for the Sydney Auckland Tall Ship Regatta...

Lord Nelson at Singapore

Lord Nelson arrives at Singapore

Lord Nelson arrived in Singapore on 22 May following a 22-day voyage from Kochi, India - part of a ground-breaking voyage around the world...

Cape Town

Dutch Tall Ships arrive at South Africa

Three Dutch Tall Ships are sailing around the world, passing the three notorious Dutch named capes: the Cape of Good Hope, Cape Leeuwin and Cape Horn...

Oman Bursary

Sultanate of Oman Bursary Scheme

The Sail Training International Sultanate of Oman Bursary offers funding for young people who need additional support to experience sailing in a Tall Ships Race...

Oostershelde Sponsorship

Oosterschelde launches Sponsorship Program

Do you know anyone aged 15 to 35 who deserves an opportunity to sail? Nominate them for the chance to join them aboard Oosterschelde for the Tall Ship Regatta…

Lord Nelson

Lord Nelson now taking Australian crew

The fully accessible tall ship ‘Lord Nelson’ is now sailing to Australia, promoting the integration of people of all physical abilities through the challenge of tall ship sailing...


Circumnavigating the Globe - Video

Want to learn more about Tall Ships? Check out the video and see Oosterschelde preparing for a world circumnavigation to join the Tall Ships in Australia …

Picton Castle

Picton Castle Sets Sail on a South Pacific Adventure

The Canadian Tall Ship Picton Castle has announced it will join the fray for the 2013 International Tall Ship Festival in Australia and New Zealand…

Tucker Thompson

Tucker Thompson Releases Voyage Dates

The R. Tucker Thompson intends to join the fleet at Sydney and the regatta race to Auckland. Join one of two special sail training voyages across the Tasman Sea…



Australian Tall Ships on Sydney Harbour Tall Ship Festival President of the Australian Sail Training Association, Mr Stephen Moss CSC Sydney Harbour during the 1988 Bicentenary

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Karen Leverington on the Helm of STS Lord Nelson STS Lord Nelson Under Sail A Diver at the Wreck of the Batavia Bark Europa arrives at Fremantle, Western Australia

Fremantle Open Ship Dutch Tall Ships alongside at Fremantle Crew Member Ninja Aboard Bark Europa (by Richard Goodwin) A Pirate Aboard the Tall Ship Fleet



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Melissa Wu dives from Soren Larson to lauch the Sydney International Tall Ship Festival 2013
Sydney Morning Herald - 23 August 2013

Oosterschelde Promo Video from Oosterschelde on Vimeo.

Jubliee Sailing Trust Promo Video


Media Accreditation

Media accreditation for the International Fleet Review and Sydney International Tall Ship Festival is available through Pacific 2013. Please contact AUSTA for additional information.

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